Team Values & Vision

It is our belief that in order to be successful, you must first surround yourself with a group of individuals that possess the same ethics, professional attitude and desire to understand the human condition. Through respect, education and pushing beyond the current limits a team can expand awareness and education while continuing to explore new ideas and approaches in the paranormal field. 

We respect that others may use different methods and approaches and openly welcome other paranormal groups to share and exchange findings and information. 

We believe in providing our clients and their property with the up most respect and privacy. We will conduct ourselves in a professional, courteous and un-intrusive manner. We will investigate using ethical research, and strive to find answers and draw conclusions without fabrication. 

Our greatest asset is our reputation and credibility as professional researchers and investigators. We will always strive to uphold that reputation and use our good judgement/ decision in everything we do.  

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